Bruce has been playing music since the age of 7, beginning with private studies in piano and theory through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Participation in school programs during his teenage years on trumpet, guitar and electric bass laid the foundation for a lifelong career in music. Bruce went on to attend Mohawk College in Hamilton completing a 3 year Diploma in Music Performance. He has extensive experience in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and R&B genres and does recording projects when called upon.

Teaching is a true passion for Bruce, having worked with many students over the years. Bruce uses  the “Bass Bassics” instructional book written by his long time music mentor George Arvola. It is the focal point of his teaching methodology aided by a wide variety of resources that enables Bass players of all levels to reach their maximum potential. Whether you are just starting out, pursuing post-secondary studies or simply looking to improve particular aspects of your playing, please contact Bruce directly to discuss lesson options.

“My main goal is for students to have fun and enjoy all that music has to offer. Take it as far as you want! The payoff is in seeing a person succeed and making progress on their instrument. Music can build confidence not only in a person’s musical abilities but those skills can also certainly be applied and translated into many other aspects of life!”