Since meeting Bruce Arbuckle in 2009, I have had the pleasure (and good fortune) of both studying bass under Bruce, and performing in a band with him. I heartily endorse his teaching style which is very much attuned to the particular needs of the student. In his close observation of my bass playing to that point, and in listening to my goals, Bruce with certain exercises brought me much farther along as a skilled player in quite a short period of time.

It was my hope to read charts and Bruce’s strong educational background, and his presentation ability was just what I needed to be able to understand how to read and improvise jazz-style chart bass playing. But we also spent lots of time looking at funk, R&B and other rock styles of playing, and in fact Bruce showed me how to get many diverse, serious rock sounds from my G&L bass – his “chops” as a rocker are fabulous!

Later, we played together in an oldies quartet and again, Bruce was a wonderfully collaborative band mate who brought his music capability forward enhancing our sound – both on the guitar and bass. Bruce is a consummate gentleman, a great listener, humble, nurturing and supportive. This region is lucky to have a bassist like Bruce residing here, and I highly recommend him as both a teacher and player!

–Mona Wilkes, Razzmatazz Band